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Micro Sensor for gas Oxygen O2, 30% vol

Micro Sensor for gas Oxygen O2, 30% vol.

long life time
high reliability
built-in transmitter
Technical Data

Sensor type


Measuring principle

amperometric 2-electrode-sensor

Measuring range

0-30% vol. O2

Sensitivity range

90-250 mV/20.8%vol.O2 at 20°C

Long term sensitivity drift

< 8% per 12 months, <20% per 3 years

Deviation from linearity


Zero voltage at 20°C


Response time 1 90 (s) at 20°C

<20 seconds, typical 10 seconds

Effect of temperature on sensitivity

<5% inside of range -20°C to +45°C, built-in transmitter with temperature compensation

Pressure dependence


Operating conditions

-35°C to +45°C; 0 to 98% r.H. (non-condensed)

Best storage conditions

+5°C to +20°C; 40 to 60% r.H.

Sensor life expectancy

>3 years at 20.8% vol.O2, at 20°C


12 months


height 1 1 .7 mm, diameter 1 1 .5 mm

Sensor transmitter output

two wires: "+mV"-red, "common"-white

Imput impedance of user's Electronic circuit

>100 MO, >30 MO by switch off of el. circuit

None cross sensitivitys at 20°C by

Carbon monoxide <10%vol.
Carbon dioxide <30%vol.
Hydrogen <30%vol.
Mainly VOCs ~ %-range






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