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The company MST Intertrade Handels GmbH (Munich, Germany) was founded at the beginning of 1993 after the management of MST GmbH decided to turn the company's Eastern-European sales department into its own company for the purpose of increasing the volume of sales and deliveries to Russia and other countries belonging to the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

MST stands for Micro-Sensor-Technologie and implies the development, production and distribution of miniature electrochemical sensors and various other sensors for a range of toxic, poisonous, highly explosive gases as well as the creation of systems and equipment for monitoring these gases and thereby ensuring a safe work environment, the optimization of technological processes, the preservation of the environment and so on.

In 1993, we also opened an office in Moscow, Russia. Over the course of time, it has become apparent that Russia and other countries in the CIS possess the high technology, among others, the sensors for various gases, which our company supplies to Europe, the U.S. and other countries.







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