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Micro Sensor for gas Carbon monoxide CO, 20 ppm

Micro Sensor for gas Carbonmonoxide CO, 20 ppm

high selectivity
low sensitivity to hydrogen
high resolution
absence of acids and other
water-soluble compounds in sensors
high mechanical strength
long life time
Technical Data

Sensor type

CO amperometric 2-electrode sensor (0-20 ppm)

Measuring principle

Electrochemical, solid electrolyte

Measuring range

0-20 ppm


0,2 ppm


1,5-6 nA/ppm

Zero current air at 20C

3-10 nA


E=0 V


<10 % FS

Response time t 90 (s) at 20C

<180 s

Long term sensitivity

<25%FS/24 months and < 40%FS/48 months

Long term sensitivity

< 2% FS/months first 12 months

Operation temperature range

0C + 50C

Operation humidity range

15-95% (non-condensed)

Sensor life expectancy

> 48 months


24 months

Mechanical dimensions

diameter 8 mm, height-14 mm


CROSS SENSITIVITY CO gas sensor (0 20 ppm):

Gas Concentration Reaction sensor
H2 20 ppm 1 ppm
H2S 1 ppm 0 ppm
NO 2 ppm 0 ppm
C2H2 25 ppm 0 ppm
C2H5OH 100 ppm 1 ppm
NO2 2 ppm 0 ppm
CnH2n+2 1000 ppm 0 ppm
CH4 1000 ppm 0 ppm





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